Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whew! One challenge ends and another begins...

I have turned in my last assignment for EDLD 5301.  This has been a very thought-provoking course, one that I have actually enjoyed.  I was expecting to do some research the way I learned in high school with brainstorming, research in the library with the card catalog, outlines, rough draft, final draft, and done! Wow, was I mistaken!  I had never heard the term action research before.  After completing this course, I realize that teachers do this in a smaller fashion each year, generally on a smaller scale: 
                 How can I get this group of students to understand [topic]? 
                 Ask others for best practices. 
                 Choose one.
                 Try it. 
This is confirmation that we are doing what research says we should be doing. :)

I have learned so much about action research and myself throughout this course.  Today only marks the end of the course.  Now the real fun begins...collecting and analyzing the data.  My plan is about changing the curriculum to be more engaging through the 5E Instructional Model and the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy.  I pray I can live up to this challenge now that school is beginning.  It will be time consuming, but I think the rewards will be great.

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